Rick Smith, BS, DOT SAP, CADC

About Us -

Breaking The Chain Counseling Center endeavors to support you in your  cognitive behavioral wellness goals. The approach is "Down to Earth" and people feel comfortable as Rick explains how to identify, respond, and work through dysfunction - whether it be gambling, smoking cessation, compulsive shopping, alcohol and drug related issues, drivers license evaluations or deteriorating behavior in spouse or family dynamics.   Rick believes that "discretion and treating people with respect and the dignity they deserve is paramount to the success of breaking the chain of undesired habits and unhealthy behaviors."  His client's success is built on a solid foundation of mutual reciprocal respect and trust. 

Rick believes that human beings have a "built-in base learning style" which is either visual, tactile, or audible. His performance sports coaching has elevated many athletes to exceed previous personal best performances.  A psychological background proved to be a great asset in the sports arena as well. He previously coached all AAA amateur levels including Junior A and college as a "Level 5 (highest designation) USA Master Hockey Coach".

What ever your needs, goals or aspirations, you deserve your best life performing at your highest possible level of living! I Look forward to working with you to meet or exceed your goals, aspirations and a better quality of living through cognitive behavioral wellness!

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