Teenage& Adult Alcohol/Drug issues - Intervention and education are a critical 1st steps - REVOKED DRIVER'S LICENSE EVALUATIONS

Depression, Anxiety and Fear - Exploring what is beneath these feelings and reducing or many times extinguishing the issues

Couples Counseling - Identifying the roadblocks and negative behaviors that limit a strong relational bond

Family Counseling - Strengthening the family unit by understanding manipulation, triangulation, co-dependency and enabling

Parenting Support - Setting boundaries, producing positive behaviors, and living unconditionally

Grief Counseling - Understanding and dealing with the steps and stages of grieving

Stress Management - Improving your physical and cognitive well-being

Conflict Resolution - Positive Communications and Active Listening Techniques

Professional and Career Coaching - Business Coaching and recognizing and leveraging your assets

Athletes/Sports Performance Coaching - Gaining Confidence and Optimizing Performance

Alcohol and Addiction Recovery - Sobriety Coaching and understanding a program that is tailor-made for you

We will be exploring and working on these issues in a private, cozy and comfortable atmosphere. I offer a highly personalized approach tailored to my clients individual needs. Personal growth is achieved through Cognitive behavioral wellness Therapy. Breaking The Chain of self defeating behaviors uncovered through thoughts, words, and deeds is very possible!

Call To Discuss your first appointment and take action towards a new journey through a happier life! Cognitive behavioral wellness affords a high level of living that is possible - You deserve your best you! 

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